Barry Randall – Managing Director

Hi, I’m Barry Randall, Managing Director at Leicestershire Garden Design Company.

I’ve been active in the landscaping industry for over 20 years. My passion for landscape gardening started when I went to Secondary School where I would help my father at weekends (that’s possibly not how he saw it) but as you’ll know, at 11 years old, being self-reliant becomes very important. Eventually that self-reliance became a real desire to become a landscape designer, so I progressed into an apprenticeship when I had finished my education, working in the family business.

After learning the fundamental skills with my father in his business I wanted to go into more design based construction, so after a lengthy consideration and with his blessing, Jeff and I left the family business to become self-employed and offered our skills to local designers. We slowly developed a reputation for outstanding quality and efficient management of garden transformations. And over the time we’ve worked on some extremely large commercial sites and some incredible domestic garden transformations, even finding time to offer our services to DIY SOS on the BBC and Richard Hammonds Secret Service on ITV.

I’m not quite sure I know where all those years have gone so I tend to make slightly quicker decisions these days, just so the next 20 don’t disappear so quickly. In a nutshell, we started Leicestershire Garden Design to focus on all of these elements; we hire great attitudes and develop the skills. Whether that’s a school leaver like Danny Sculthorpe or an award winning landscaper like Ross Oswin, we always put emphasis on the importance of listening. The key is to get a balance between patience and not letting time pass you by without taking opportunities.

We are a people business so listening, good positive attitude, and ambition are what has helped build a successful landscape company. And every member of my team must possess fantastic listening skills and a great attitude. That’s before you ever get to see their attention to detail, which I should mention as that’s ultimately what ensures every garden we transform is done to complete perfection.

I look forward to meeting you very soon.

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Barry Randall

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