Ashley Burnip – Garden Consultant

Hi there, I’m Ashley Burnip, Garden Consultant at Leicestershire Garden Design Company. My role is to create garden designs that match perfectly to our customers requirements. I work very closely with Jeff Randall (head of design) to help to support him and with our design department to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service.

After leaving school I joined Caterpillar to complete an apprenticeship in manufacturing engineering. Once completing my apprenticeship, I decided that this was not the correct career for me so I went back to college to complete an A level standard course in sports development, psychology and business. This was when I made the decision that business development was where I wanted to be! I then took a position in an industrial cleaning company in sales and business development, this position allowed me to develop various skills that I have transferred into my current position.  

From the moment, I walked in for my initial interview at LGD I felt relaxed and comfortable. The staff here are all incredibly helpful and made me feel so welcome. The first conversation that I had with Sue and Barry confirmed to me that this was the company for me! The ambition of the company and the constant development from within is fantastic and allows all members of the team to develop themselves to be exactly where they want to be.

Since joining LGD I have developed massively, both inside and outside of work. The support that Jeff and Barry have offered to me since starting has been amazing and has helped me push myself further. I am only just starting on my journey with LGD and I cannot wait to see what is around the corner.





Ashley Burnip

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