A Stunning Landscaped Garden from Scratch

The challenge

A stunning landscaped garden from scratchThe owners of this newly built, ultra-modern detached home asked if we would create a contemporary landscape design to match the impressive exterior of their house.

As construction had only recently been completed, there was no garden as such and the land surrounding the property still looked like a building site. For our designer, it was an interesting challenge to come up with a design from scratch that would compliment the exterior of the house and the lifestyle of its owners.

A main feature of the property design was the vast floor to ceiling window that looked out over the garden from the rear annexe of the house. This was a starting point and we wanted our patio design to become a natural extension of this stylish outsized window.

The concept

A stunning landscaped garden from scratchIn this particular landscape design, our clients were providing much of the materials used for the garden. Our task was to create a spectacular paved area to encircle the house and offer plenty of space for socialising.

To shape and define the paved area and separate the lawn and gravel section at the bottom of the garden, we used Marshalls pennant grey Tegula setts.

In the centre of the extensive patio, we built a small raised heptagon shape of approximately three bricks high to display a water feature. We filled the heptagon with slate chippings and on top of this placed the water feature. A steady stream of water flowed over a mirrored dome onto the slate below.

We constructed retaining walls around the patio and levelled out the paved area so that it was perfectly even throughout. Our team installed a drainage sump to soak water away from the main patio space as well as a drainage overflow point under the water feature connected to the existing drains.

Leading down from the patio, we laid fresh turf to create an instantly usable lawn. We cut beds on either side of the grass along with a couple of shaped feature beds in front of the new patio.

A new winding pathway, constructed from the same paving as the patio, wound its way through the lawn and down to a gravelled section at the back of the garden. Five raised timber sleeper beds were placed on the gravel to provide separate low maintenance spaces for growing a variety of plants.

The conclusion

A stunning landscaped garden from scratchThe owners were highly delighted with our garden design as it perfectly suited their stylish property. The tone and shape of the paving fitted in beautifully with the exterior appearance of the house.

Starting with nothing, we built a dream garden from a classic design. Our client’s landscape now blends in with their home and has become an outdoor space that gives them a stunning and special venue to entertain.

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