A Sensory Garden

The challenge

Before (2)Our clients had a nice-sized garden, but spent most of their time looking out on to an area of uninviting blue decking from the window of their extension.

They wanted an outlook from the house that was exciting, inviting and interesting. With retirement now upon them they were looking for a garden that was lovely to view and a pleasure to spend time in.

At the moment, the spectacle outside was uninspiring. We wanted to change this by creating a garden full of sights, sounds and scents.

The concept

Mr Duggan garden design Detailed - CopyOf course, the first thing we did was to get rid of that blue decking! Then we set about making an attractive and varied garden that was wonderful to look at as well as a relaxing place for our clients to spend their leisure time.

To make it vibrant, we wanted to incorporate different materials and textures into one area. We started by cutting and fitting softwood decking, laying it directly against our clients’ patio doors so they could walk out onto an even surface.

For contrast, we laid a square of grey natural sandstone multi-sized paving into the centre of the decking to give an eye-catching element to the ground design. We surrounded the paving with a charcoal edging strip for definition.

In the corner of the garden, we inset a shaped raised flower bed with rendered walls painted white. This gave us a bold structure into which we built a stainless steel bladed water feature with the flow of water falling onto a low pebble pool.

Our low level planting plan for the raised beds included grasses, lavender, azaleas, and clematis. We wanted to include fragrance into the scheme so there were aspects of the garden that would appeal to all of the senses.

The rich, varied colours of the plants against the white walls provided plenty of visual appeal. It also helped that these plants are easy to maintain. Plus, we added border bark to all of the beds to help retain moisture and keep weeds at bay.

Then we built a smooth timber bench into a recess of one of the white rendered walls so our clients could sit amongst the plants and watch the gentle flow of water fall onto the pebbles below.

On a practical note, beneath the bench we laid a strip of gravel. This not only added another texture to the decking and paving design, it also requires no maintenance and allows rainwater to drain away freely.

The conclusion

Duggan - after (12)Our clients loved their new multi-textured, lively outdoor space. Now they could rest against the striking white walls of their raised flower beds, listen to the sound of running water and enjoy the vibrant colours of the plants.

It may be low maintenance, but this garden is still full of life. Our design included lots of colours and textures as we wanted to create an outdoor environment that would fulfil all of the senses.

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