A Pleasure Garden with Patios, Pathways and a Play Area

The challenge

Pleasure garden beforeOur clients had a large bungalow in Leicester Forest East that came with a spacious back garden.

Currently, a decked platform was attached to the rear of the house and beyond that was an expanse of patchy grass. Our clients decided they wanted a complete garden transformation, and that’s when they got in touch with us.

Instead of having to maintain a large lawn, they wanted to fill the garden with fun. This meant new patios, artificial turf, a water feature and even a play area for their young children.

The concept

Pleasure garden designFirst, we jet washed the existing decking and coated it with non-slip decking oil. The front of the decking also needed some work, and we installed support posts and cladding where the ground drops. This effectively faced off the decking platform, so nothing was able to get underneath.

The children’s play area was a central feature of this design, and we wanted to make it a fun but safe recreational place. To create suitable ground cover, we lined the area with geotextile membrane and covered it with child-friendly play bark. To give a really cushioned surface, we made sure the play bark was at least 100 mm thick.

Our client’s also wanted their lawn to be child-friendly and easy to maintain and had chosen to make it artificial. Therefore, we laid a new lawn using urban 10 Royal artificial turf.

For the new patio, we used kotah black limestone paving with pennant grey edging blocks for the main section and in-filled the pathways with traditional setts. These new paths now circled the garden providing an access route all round.

To build up the children’s area and to create raised flowerbeds we used timber sleepers. The beds were then lined with geotextile membrane and covered with slate chippings for easy maintenance. We also devised a planting scheme for the beds using slow growing shrubs and cordylines that needed very little attention.

Our next job was to install trellis screening across the top of the lower fence to give height as well as extra security and privacy. New lighting was also installed throughout the garden.

As a finishing touch, we set a steel blade water feature into a slate bed in the corner of the garden. A sheet of water cascaded down, adding a dramatic element to the landscape.

The conclusion

Pleasure garden afterThis was a design that included something for every member of the family. Our client’s children were extremely excited at having their own play area while their parents were equally happy with their contemporary new patio.

Key low maintenance elements such as the artificial lawn, raised beds and bark coverage make this an outdoor space that requires little upkeep. This is a design that’s all about having fun in the garden without the work.

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