A Multifunctional Family Garden

The challenge

Before (3)Our clients, a busy couple with teenage daughters, wanted a contemporary garden design for their large detached property in Market Harborough.

While the husband travelled a lot and wanted to relax when he was at home, his wife, who worked in the beauty industry, wanted somewhere stylish to socialise. The garden also had to appeal to their two daughters.

The existing garden was a large expanse of lawn, so we had a relatively blank canvass on which to work.

The concept

Mr & Mrs Rayner 1 S Garden design detailed (2)As this was a sizeable garden, we were able to divide it into separate sections that could be used for a variety of activities.

A long line of individual glass panel doors folded-up on themselves to open up a backroom of the house out onto the garden. This was a great feature to work with, so we decided to use softwood decking to form a practical patio space directly adjoining the back of the property.

From the raised decked area, a single step down led to a newly levelled out lawn.
We reduced the size of the lawn and reshaped it, laying fresh turf, then ran block edging around the contours of the grass to make mowing easier.

Squares of grey slate paving ran across the lawn taking you to a new slate patio area. To one side of the patio we constructed a row of triangular-tipped raised flower beds with rendered white walls. The Stonemarket Truslate slate paving in copper we laid for the patio created a stylish contrast with the pure white walls of the raised beds.

The structure of the white walls of the flower beds gave us the opportunity to inset some original ornamentation. We built a stainless steel blade water feature into one of the walls and added permanent lengths of seating against other walls. As one of the planned uses for the new patio was sunbathing, a row of bamboo was planted to the rear of the raised beds to provide further screening and privacy.

Next to the slate patio we constructed another practical softwood decked area. This could be used for entertaining, but was currently utilised as somewhere to house the family pet. We dug low level flower beds around the decking to give the space a softer feel and a splash of colour.

It wasn’t just the back of the house that got a facelift. We then turned our attentions to the front of the property. Using the same Stonemarket Truslate slate paving in copper, we laid a pathway from the back of the house around to the front and finished off with a paved circular pattern outside the front door.

The conclusion

Raynor after (22)The family loved their chic new garden. With places to relax, spaces to socialise and private areas to sunbathe, the garden now offered something for all of the family.

The major benefit of this design is that all sections of the garden are multifunctional. Each environment is adaptable enough to be utilised for whatever activity is taking place within the family home at that time, from teenage parties to Sunday afternoon snoozes.

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