A Gardeners Dream Garden Enriched with Plants

The challenge 

A mirrored trellis provides colourful reflections  

Situated in the village of Barlestone in the Hinckley and Bosworth district of Leicestershire, the owners of this pretty garden asked us if we could give it a complete makeover.

Their idea was to make the garden much easier to navigate by positioning it on one level and introducing pathways to link all of the different outdoor areas.

The concept

First, we removed the existing lawn and rubble and prepared the groundwork and drainage for new hard standings including break out pipes to allow the water to flow through the garden.

We laid new concrete foundations and block work to retain the garden along the fencing behind the garage. This enabled us to bring the garden onto one level. As a result of this, we moved and relocated the existing shed, so that it was positioned on the new level of the garden.

Next, we extended the existing patio to provide more space and link it with a tegula pathway to give easy access around the garden into the utility area behind the garage. To do this, we took away part of the lawn that ran along the garage wall as the grass was always struggling here due to lack of sunlight on this stretch.

As well as extending the patio, we created a new circular paving feature. As part of the eye-catching circle, we installed a water feature to bring gentle water sounds and a new element to the design. Additional paving was also added in order to seat a log burner.

Paving was laid onto full mortar beds and grouted with an eco-fill grouting compound to help prevent weeds growing up through the joints of the stones. Then edging strips were laid onto full beds of concrete to create contours and define the existing paving, flower beds and lawn.

For the new lawn, we first put down a layer of top soil before cutting Elliott’s turf into shape, flush with the edging blocks, seating areas and pathways. This will create a mowing strip to make for easy maintenance when mowing the lawn.

New gravel was then installed to match the existing gravel that runs around the back fence into the shed area. This surface produces an easy maintenance space to house plants and pots.

The finishing touch to this garden was the new trellis mirror we installed on the side of the shed. Not only does this make the side of the wooden shed look more attractive, it also reflects the colours of the garden and provides an additional perspective.


The conclusion

All waste was cleared away at the end of the job, so our clients were able to enjoy their new spic and span garden immediately. And with four complimentary lawn care treatments supplied by Green Thumb, we will ensure the garden stays looking pristine all year round.

We will also pay a complimentary maintenance visit twelve months after completion of the project to make sure everything is ship shape, and our clients are totally satisfied with the way their garden is looking.



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