A garden is never finished

a-garden-is-never-finishedEvery day you can walk in your garden and discover something new. A landscape constantly evolves and develops – it’s never static.

Some plants thrive while others wither. Animals and birds visit – and some take up residence. Your garden is a constant work in progress.

You don’t have the same control over your outdoor environment in the same way you do your indoor space. But there are a few things you can do to keep your garden looking good and working for you.

Weather worn

Wind, rain, snow and frost – the weather can wreak havoc on your paving and driveway. It can also damage wooden structures and cause mould and moss to grow.

Regular maintenance will keep things looking neat and tidy. Paving can be power hosed or lifted and cleaned then reset and regrouted. However, crumbling and uneven paving should be removed as this does present a hazard. Replacing old paving will give your garden an instant facelift.

During the recent spell of wet weather, water has caused problems ranging from devastating floods to minor garden irritations. Issues such as mould and moss are easily treated with the right products and lawns can be returfed in a day, leaving you with stunning new healthy grass.

Live with it for a while

If you’ve recently moved to a new property or there have been unexpected changes to your garden, allow yourself some time to get used to the new environment.

By living with something for while you can see how it adapts with the seasons. The garden is an ever-changing place, and you don’t want to alter something only to regret it later.

If you’re planning major garden renovations, but are not sure how they’ll work out, try putting up temporary structures to get used to the way your space will be taken up. You can then tweak and change as you find out what works and what doesn’t.

Lifestyle changes

You may find that what once worked for you is no longer practical. Perhaps the size of your family has increased, your children may have left home, or you could be approaching retirement. All of these major life changes can impact on the way you use your garden.

It could be time to replace the children’s play area with something more sophisticated for socialising. You may want to make your garden low maintenance and relaxing.

Again, take your time to consider the options. You may decide you want to start from scratch and completely landscape the whole garden. Alternatively, there could be some parts of your garden you like just the way they are.

An experienced designer will include in their plans the elements of your garden you want to retain and offer advice on how to improve aspects that don’t appeal to you.

Bring in the new

If your garden’s not working for you don’t be afraid to bring in the new. Nowadays, there are so many top quality landscaping materials available there’s bound to be something you like.

The beauty of creating a design with today’s products such as softwood decking and natural sandstone paving is their flexibility. You’re no longer confined to standardised grey, square paving slabs.

Patio and decked areas can be formed in any shape you want them to be – landscaping features like trees or slopes can be removed or worked into a design.

A garden is never finished as it constantly evolves with your changing needs and lifestyle.

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