A Flawless ‘Chelsea’ Quality Garden

The challenge

Mr Wood - The ChallengeOur clients from Blaby in Leicestershire were keen to turn one side of their garden into a green wall, with lots of colourful climbers.

As well as having the right environment to be able to grow the plants they wanted, our clients also requested a smart new patio and seating space. After all, they needed somewhere to sit and admire the stunning floral displays they would be able to create once our design team had transformed their garden.

The concept

Multi-coloured sandstone paving was used to build a new patio and seating area at the back of the house. The contrasting tones of the sandstone blended with a red paved pathway that encircled the new lawn.

The block edging we used was in the same shade of red and defines the shape of the patio and seating area. The edging is laid all the way around the lawn to make an easy maintenance mowing strip.

ConceptA smaller secondary patio was installed in the top corner of the garden. This area gives enough space for a small table or bench with paving flowing under the existing archway, stopping at the gravel in the utility section of the garden.

Top soil was levelled across to match the height of the block edges and medallion turf laid to form the new circular lawn. The red stone pathway that surrounds the lawn now provides easy access throughout the garden.

To the side of the main patio, we erected a small timber pergola to offer shade and protection. The pergola is approximately 2.4 metres square with three of its posts sunk into the soil. This means climbing plants can be trained to grow up and over the framework.

As a finishing touch, new timber posts with rigging wires were installed along the left-hand side of the garden in front of the fence. These will provide the support the hydrangea and other climbers need to be able to grow along the length of the garden to form an attractive ‘green wall’.

We were also able to give extra support to the existing trellis panels that separate the garden from the utility area with the installation of concrete posts.

The conclusion

Beautiful new garden with pergola and sandstone pavingUsing high-quality materials, we were able to design a stunning garden with a flawless finish. Our clients were delighted, commenting: “Tom and his team were punctual, skilful and efficient; building us a ‘Chelsea’ quality garden.”

It’s always a pleasure to know we’ve been able to deliver exactly what our customers want and as usual the team paid particular attention to all the little details. The end result is a fantastic garden that will give our clients much pleasure over the years to come.

Click the video below to see what Mr Wood says about Leicestershire Garden Design and his ‘Chelsea quality’ garden!

Thank you Mr Wood, It has been a pleasure working with you – Team LGD

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