A Designer Driveway Provides Exterior Elegance

The challenge

Circular driveway beforeThe owners of this large detached property in Thurlaston, Leicestershire wanted us to renovate their sizable driveway.

At present, our clients stepped out of their front door onto a plain square paved area. Their current driveway consisted of uneven gravel interspersed with grass. At the centre of the drive stood a mature tree in a circular bed.

Our clients wanted a chic and contemporary drive to match the exterior of their home. They asked if we could make their front garden as functional as possible, whilst retaining the tree at its centre.

The concept

Circular-driveway-designBy keeping the tree as the centrepiece, we were able to design an in-and-out driveway access route. Raised kerb stones were used to outline sweeping flowerbeds and accentuate the circular grass island surrounding the tree. We also incorporated a root barrier around the tree to inhibit growth and stop future damage to the driveway.

We were then able to transform the front of the property using natural sandstone paving and rumbled paving setts to form focal points and shapes. Different sized stones enabled us to neatly divide up the extensive front garden into separate sections while raised kerb stones allowed us to create a gentle step to the drive from the house.

We used smaller stones for the actual driveway and larger stones for the walkway next to the house. All paving was grouted using eco-fill grouting compound to prevent weeds from growing through the joints of the new paving.

Our clients also wanted the flowerbeds to be easy to maintain, so we used geotextile membrane to line them and covered this with decorative slate chippings. The colour of the slate was chosen to complement the natural sandstone and provide additional tone and texture to the landscape.

To the side of the house, our team removed an existing wall and gate and infilled the area using paving to match the old patio paving. We then built a new small wall and hung a wrought iron gate.

On a practical note, we were able to use some of the original paving down the side of the property on a concrete bed to create a level surface.

The conclusion

Circular driveway afterOur clients were delighted with this low maintenance but highly functional solution. They can now easily drive in and out of their property with the circular route around the tree island providing direction.

The simplicity and style of the natural sandstone paving works well in a modern setting and enhances the exterior of the property. Colour is provided by the fresh turf laid around the tree and by the contrasting tones of the stones and slate.

Crucially, the materials we used and the classic nature of the landscape design mean this is a driveway that will stay in pristine condition and still look up-to-date well into the future.




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