A Contemporary Garden Design For A Modern Home

The challenge

 Our clients, based in East Leake, Nottinghamshire, wanted a complete redesign of their rear garden.

Our challenge was to remove all existing weeds, lawn, paving and gravel and prepare groundworks, foundations and drainage for a contemporary landscape garden design that included new walling, patios, stone seating and a firepit.

The concept

 The first task was to install an extra timber sleeper into the existing sleeper wall to raise the second tier of the garden. This created a much flatter and more usable space.

For the walling, stone seating, and fire pit we laid concrete foundations to an approximate depth of 300mm to give maximum strength. Then we installed Marshalite walling and steps to retain the land and provide access to the second tier of the garden. This also allowed us to craft a large usable space on the first level of the garden.

For the patio space and seating area, we used Indian Sahara sandstone paving laid on full mortar beds and grouted using a resin-based grouting compound, which sets solid to prevent weeds growing through the joints of the paving.

An eye-catching sphere and pebble water feature was installed to the right-hand side of the raised flowerbed to add a focal point, sound and interest to the garden design.

Marshalls Traditional Tegula setts defined the shape of the lawn and flowed around it to give easy maintenance and permanent definition to the grassed area. Traditional Tegula’s were also laid to form the hot tub space and break up the paving on the lower section of the garden.

For the newly cut lawn, we used top soil and Elliott’s medallion turf to produce a level and more usable lawn. Top soil and compost were also used to prepare the flowerbeds for a new planting scheme devised by our plant designer. The low maintenance scheme introduced plants that would add all year-round scent, colour and interest to the garden.

The conclusion

Amazingly, this total transformation only took us 20 days to complete back in January. Our clients were able to enjoy their garden immediately and with a fire pit to keep them warm, could stay out even in cold weather.

By retaining some much-loved elements from the old garden, and introducing a new layout with new tiers, we were able to achieve the transformation our clients had dreamt of.

The garden looked stunning on completion and to make sure it stays that way, we’ll make a complimentary maintenance visit in twelve months to ensure it remains just as fresh. We also included four lawn care treatments provided by lawn specialists so that the grass stays just as lush and vibrant as when first laid.

Needless to say, our clients are delighted with their new outdoor space, which they can now enjoy all year round. And by using the highest quality building materials, we can guarantee the garden will stay looking pristine for years to come – with no effort required from our clients.


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