A Much Desired Pond in a Low Maintenance Garden

The challenge

A classic family garden designIt was a lifelong dream of our clients to have a fish pond and water feature in their garden. Ideally, the pond would be large enough to house koi carp amongst other decorative species.

This meant constructing a pool that was at least 5ft deep and wide enough to comfortably accommodate a variety of fish. To incorporate such a large pond into the garden required some serious thought from our landscape designer.

As our clients were also preparing for retirement, they wanted a garden that wouldn’t be too arduous to maintain.

The concept

A classic family garden design | the designThe pond was obviously going to be the key factor in this garden, and to make it extra special our designer decided to incorporate an eye-catching waterfall. As well as looking great and providing the sound of trickling water, the feature also had a practical purpose. The filtration would aerate the pool and keep the water exceptionally clear, perfect for koi carp.

To make the pond really stunning and give height to allow the water to drop down, our designer decided on a two-tier semi-circular structure. We built the walls from buff/grey stones and turned the top tier into a raised bed while creating a large pond from the lower tier.

Using a blade water feature design we were able to channel a waterfall from the centre of the top wall to flow gently down into the pool below. With a mixed planting scheme in the raised bed, we could add colour and shape to the backdrop of the water. The pond had now become the showpiece of the garden.

Of course, we wanted our clients to be able to sit and admire their colourful fish, so we fitted a bespoke, long timber bench along one side of the pond. From this vantage point, you can sit and view the whole garden. In front of the pond is a specially made mushroom seat built from sawn logs. Our clients spotted the mushroom on a visit to our landscape show garden and asked if we could incorporate it into their design.

As we wanted the garden to be easy to navigate, we formed paths using Marshalls natural sandstone leading to the pond and seating areas. A pathway stretches through the newly laid turf lawn to the patio we’d constructed next to the house.

In the corner of the garden, we built a new potting and utility shed and placed it on a base of natural sandstone paving. Rather than creating excessive paved paths, we decided on a simple length of stepping stones to cross the lawn to reach the shed.

The garden now contained a good balance of paving and lawn, along with new drainage to enable water to flow away freely. The addition of edging blocks finished off this garden design and added to its low maintenance qualities.

The conclusion

A complete classic family gardenAt the heart of this garden lies the much-desired pond. What surrounds it is classic garden design – a simple yet effective scheme that gives our clients everything they could wish for from their garden.

The combination of lawn, patio, sandstone paving, raised beds, and minimal borders allows our clients to enjoy every aspect of gardening without the effort it usually entails.

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