A Breathtaking Landscape Garden Design

The challenge

A blank canvasThis was a fantastic project to work on, as we were able to start with a blank canvas. Our clients wanted us to create a garden out of the extensive space at the rear of their modern detached home in Market Harborough, Leicestershire.

With an expanse of ground to cover, we created an innovative plan that incorporated plenty of seating space, a barbeque area and a few surprise features.

The concept

A beautiful conceptWith a garden of this size, we could include plenty of dramatic structures and use a wide range of different materials.

First, we used millboard decking around the house connecting both sets of bi-fold doors to create a platform. The decking flows out from the house into the garden space and links with a circular Fairstone seating area.

We outlined the shape of the newly decked platform with a Marshalite wall that’s approximately 450 mm in height. This low wall is perfect for providing informal seating.

Next to the Fairstone circular seating area, we built a taller wall of about a metre in height to contain the barbeque space. One side of this higher wall curves along the circular paved feature and the other side has a built-in barbeque attached. Opposite the barbeque, we constructed a low seat to run parallel to the fence.

A raised flowerbed links the lower barbeque space to another seating area in the upper corner of the garden. The bed continues along the side fence to retain soil and prevent earth from resting against the fencing.

Leading from the lower Fairstone circular patio, we built three 150 mm high steps that follow the curve of the circle. These steps lead up to a new contoured lawn that meets with the paved sections at the top level of the garden. The freshly laid turf is bordered with Pennant grey tegula setts to match the pathways and create an easy-maintenance mowing edge.

Pennant grey tegula paving sets were also installed from the side of the house leading up past the utility area and around the back of the flowerbed running between the lawn and pathways.

A small section of paving links the gravel pathway leading to an upper Fairstone seating area in the top right-hand corner of the garden. Behind this upper patio, we built timber sleeper beds along the back fence to create small flowerbeds and retain the fence posts.

Set back into the sleeper beds is an eye-catching waterfall that cascades down the rocks into a small bed on the lower level. The water pool is hidden with rocks and cobbles to reduce maintenance.

Another striking feature on the upper level of the garden is the trellis screening. In a contoured flowerbed, we erected two middle trellis panels of 1.8 metres high, dropping down to two outer panels of 1.4 metres. A small trellis gate was also installed at the side of the house to match the trellis screening panels.

All the gravel beds are lined with a geotextile weed membrane and covered with a 50 mm layer of moonstone gravel that matches the colours of the paving, decking and walling.

The conclusion

A stunning conclusionThis is a garden design that includes a full lighting and planting plan. With so many features and different sections, we wanted to ensure each one was displayed to its best advantage.

Our clients were thrilled with the bold and original layout of their garden. This is a design that not only makes a statement; it’s also highly functional. Every aspect of the landscape has been meticulously constructed to allow our clients to enjoy every inch of their new garden to the full.

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