A Bold B&B Back Garden

The challenge

Website before (2)Our client was the owner of a large detachedhome in rural Leicestershire, where she offered bed and breakfast accommodation to visitors. The lawn of the property sloped from front to back and from right to left, which not only made it hard work to look after, it was also not very functional for her guests. The only seating area was a small patio to the rear of the house. The garden was enclosed on one side, and at the rear, by basic post and rail fencing and on the other side by the wall of a low outbuilding. The low post and rail fencing offered little in the way of security or privacy. As the lawn sloped down towards a busy road, it wasn’t adequate to shield the garden from view of passing traffic. What our client wanted was to make the garden a private and relaxing place where guests could sit and enjoy their coffee. She also wanted it to have enough points of interest for her visitors to enjoy taking a stroll around the grounds.

The concept

Circular Garden Design & PlantingThe difficulty with this garden was how to work with the slope of the lawn to make it attractive, low maintenance, and easy to walk down. Our designer came up with this amazing overlapping ring design. Simple, yet eye-catching and effective, this innovative concept solved all of the issues. The overlapping rings are not only stunning to look at; they provide a gentle slope leading down from the patio at the rear of the house. The lawn became the centrepiece of the garden. The level change was achieved by using Stonecraft abbey walling to create a small step between each circle. The circles were defined with Stonecraft charcoal edging stones. This type of edging helps with lawn cutting as it prevents grass from forming ragged overgrown borders. The post and rail was left on one side of the garden as this boundary was already protected by mature trees growing alongside the fence. However, the rear of the garden needed shielding from the road and for this we used closeboard fencing. We topped the tall closeboard fence with a decorative curved trellis, and placed an elegant arbour in the centre where guests could sit and look out over the garden. We created a patio area around the arbour with gravel steps leading up to it from the newly formed gravel path. For the patio areas, we used Stonecraft sandstone paving in a shade called camel. This coordinated with the colour of the gravel path and contrasted with the charcoal edging stones. We created flower beds on either side of the overlapping circles and this formed a blank canvas for which our client created a beautiful planting scheme using a variety of cordylines.

The conclusion

Mrs Walsh - After (6)The owner of the B&B was delighted with her new garden. She was pleased to be able to offer her guests a comfortable outdoor seating area where they could relax in private. The garden now had the added benefit of being full of original features and a delight to walk around.

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