7 secrets to achieving a zero maintenance garden

You may love relaxing and entertaining in your garden, but maintaining it is another matter.

If you want the pleasure of a garden without the pain, then these tips will show you how.

Is there such a thing as a low maintenance lawn?

One of the most irksome tasks for many homeowners is mowing the lawn. It’s a job that needs to be tackled frequently during the summer months and even with regular mowing it can still look dry and patchy.

Routine treatment with weed and feed will help to keep a lawn in good condition, but then come the winter months the grass becomes waterlogged and overrun with moss again.

Dog and artificial grassIf you love the colour of a lush green lawn, but hate the work that goes into keeping it that way, try artificial turf. It’s pet-friendly, hardwearing, looks great all year round and best of all, requires no maintenance.

Keep off the grass

Alternatively, you can do away with a lawn altogether as there are many other options.

Decking is a versatile and inexpensive alternative. A decked platform can house a barbeque or provide an additional seating area. You could also use it as a space for container planting.

A gravel garden is another flexible choice. Many plants thrive when planted in gravel and it can be used to display ornaments or pots to great effect. Gravel also allows rainwater to drain away and is ideal for areas prone to flooding.

Avoid high maintenance plants

AlliumSteer clear of plants that need regular pruning such as roses, which also need regular feeding and deadheading. Any plants that require frequent watering and feeding including vegetables and bedding plants can be extremely time-consuming.

Although initial work is required to plant annual bulbs, once they’re in the ground they’ll keep coming up year after year with no effort. Alliums are a good choice as they provide shape and colour and don’t have the messy leaves of daffodils and tulips.

Choose easy-going plants

There are plenty of low maintenance plants available. Slow-growing dwarf conifers and shrubs give colour and texture to your garden throughout the year.

Hebes are a good choice and the smaller varieties can create eye-catching displays when grouped together at the front of a border. They also provide a pleasing contrast when positioned in front of conifers.

Get someone to do the work for you

Of course, there’s a simple way to keep your garden looking great without bringing on that niggling back pain. Get someone else to maintain it for you.

At Leicestershire Garden Design Co., we offer maintenance packages that are tailor-made to suit your lifestyle and type of garden.

Give us a call to discuss how we can help you stay on top of your gardening chores on 0116 210 0760.

Redesign your garden

If you’re thinking of incorporating all or some of the above ideas into your garden, then it’s time to consider a completely new landscape design.

Raised beds, water features, and pagodas are just a few of the features that you can easily incorporate into a low maintenance garden design. A clever and practical landscape design will take away much of the need for upkeep – with no effort on your part, you can have a pristine garden all year round.

Add value to your home

The best thing about investing in a quality garden design is the return on that investment. A well-kept garden can become a vital selling point when it comes to marketing your property.

A garden that has been landscaped not only saves on maintenance, it also adds value to your home. High-quality stone patios and driveways look stunning and complement the exterior of a property.

Attractive and low-maintenance gardens are a desirable commodity – not just for you, but also for future owners of your home.

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