5-Years Young

The company started 5 years ago this month. We have grown from a small landscaping company to ‘Leicestershire Garden Design,’ taking on projects with acres of land.

We have continuously grown from strength to strength, expanding the business as we go and introducing new roles. Shortly, we will be developing even further with more sales, design and team members, taking our on-site total to 6 teams.

To celebrate this huge achievement of 5 years’ service, we have put together some of our best memories. Have fun browsing through them.

Thank you to our customers for your continued support, as without you this wouldn’t have been possible.

 | Charlotte Currie | 

“Mr & Mrs Haley’s garden was memorable to me as I went to see the plot before anything had even been done yet. The garden was completely empty and just full of mud. So, to see that garden completed and looking amazing was so inspiring.”

| Sian McGinnes | 

“I had only been with the company 2 months when I got invited to the Niche Business Awards. It was amazing to see the business that Barry & Jeff had created be up for an award and to see a celebration for small businesses. Getting to socialise with everyone outside of work and on a more personal level was great and my memory comes from this night. The funniest moment since I started at LGD has to be John’s ‘snake hips’ that night, it was hilarious!” 

| Jeff Randall |

“Every moment has been amazing – winning the Marshalls Awards has been a real highlight for me, especially because it was won with Brendon who has been standing shoulder to shoulder with us every step of the way.” 

| Sue Williams | 

“My best moment so far has to be when we officially moved into the unit that we are in now. We have expanded as a business so much in the last 2 years.” 

| Ross Elliott | 

“My best moment is the biggest job we’d ever done at the time. It was a great job with a great customer that reminds me how far we’ve come in the last few years.”

| Jack Stevenson | 

“Being involved start to finish with a huge project, which at the time was one of the biggest LGD had done. It was great to see the customers reaction when they were able to use their garden.”

| Lee Holyoake | 

“My best memory was proving everyone wrong at Go-Karting. All the lads said I’d come last and that I would be the loser (as banter of course) but I proved them wrong, and I won!” 

| Jodie Fedorko | 

“Mr Archer’s garden has to be my best moment so far and it was the first garden I designed and planted plants for.” 

| Robert Ling |

“The job with rendered walls is memorable to me as it was the biggest project I and LGD had taken on at the time and it is one of the jobs I am most proud of.” 

| Jae Randall |

“Mrs Pole’s job was the first job I completed at the company & I was very proud of it.” 

| Steph Brown |

“My best moment was going go karting with the team. It was really fun and allowed us all to socialise on a personal level which I really enjoyed” 

| Barry Randall |

“Over the 5 years I’ve had many ‘memorable moments’ but here are my favourite few. Firstly, when we changed from being a landscape ‘business’ to a landscape ‘company’. Also when Sue joined our team in 2013.

My other best moment is our first trainee (Brendon) going to an awards evening with his trainee (Jae) who won landscape apprentice of the year. Great feeling and passing of the torch.

Lastly, nothing fills me with more pride than what we did for the Gibbons family in Hereford for DIY SOS on BBC.”


| Jake Ridgway | 

“My best moment was getting to design Oscroft’s garden. It is my best moment because it is the biggest project I have completed so far and I can’t wait to see the pictures of it once it’s finished.”

| Ashley Burnip | 

“My best moment has to be the Niche Awards as it was my first opportunity to socialise with the team outside of a work environment.”


We hope you all enjoyed our memories…

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