5 easy ways to protect your garden this winter

Protect Your Garden This Winter

Protect Your Garden: Follow our tips to defend your garden against the winter weather

The winter months can take their toll on a garden, with heavy frosts, rain, wind and snow all causing damage to plants, outbuildings and driveways.

If you want to defend your garden against whatever the weather has to throw at it, then you need to focus your attention on these key areas.

Prevent paving problems

If your driveway or patio is starting to crumble a heavy frost is likely to cause further damage. Resurfacing can remedy a number of problems, however, if cracks are widespread then it’s time to invest in new paving.

There are two significant factors to consider when thinking about how well a driveway or patio will perform during the winter months. The first is drainage. With heavy rains likely at any time from November onwards, make sure you incorporate drainage channels into your design.

The second is to ensure your surfaces are slip proof. When choosing your paving, consider the texture. Riven sandstone paving not only looks attractive, it’s also highly durable and provides an easy to walk on, non-slip surface that’s ideal for icy or snowy conditions.

Avoid tree and hedge hazards

As well as heavy rain, gale force winds have become prevalent over recent years. Considerable damage has been caused to people and property by fallen trees and flying branches.

Now is the time to assess the health and safety of your trees and hedges and decide if attention is required. In many cases, a good prune or trim will remedy the problem although this can be an arduous task.

At this time, it’s worth assessing the value of the tree or hedge to your garden. You may realise just how large it’s grown over the years and how much space it now takes up.

The removal of large trees and shrubs not only gives extra space it also provides peace of mind. If you’re worried about how a tree will fare in high winds, especially if it’s close to the house, then it’s worth calling in the experts to take a look.

Safeguard sheds and fences

The aforementioned gale force winds could also wreak havoc on sheds, summerhouses, trellises and fences.

Flying wood could cause significant damage, so now is the time to inspect any timber for signs of rot. Dismantle any structures that may be unstable for whatever reason. Also, make sure garden furniture and large ornaments are stored away for safety.

Winter is the perfect time to install a new shed or outbuilding, as the garden is not widely used at this time, so it causes little disruption.

Look after your lawn

It’s extremely difficult to keep a lawn looking attractive during the winter months. Long periods of wet weather will encourage moss to spread and grass becomes muddy underfoot.

All lawns require maintenance with the exception of artificial turf. To minimise wear and tear during the winter, try not to walk on the grass and also treat moss as it appears.

If you’re fed up with all the attention you have to give to your lawn, then why not arrange for a regular maintenance contract? Our specialists provide routine treatments that will ensure your lawn looks fabulous all year round.

Provide for your plants

Much of the garden will be dormant over winter as plants die back and lose their foliage. All you need to do is to rake up dead leaves and perhaps dig compost into beds to prepare them for the new growing season.

If you have any semi-hardy or delicate plants in containers, then it’s advisable to move them to a sheltered spot, perhaps closer to the house. To give them extra protection try wrapping the pot in bubble polythene.

You can also use polythene or horticultural fleece to form a tent that will shelter plants growing directly in the ground from the worst of the elements. Pack straw loosely around the plant to add further defence against the cold.

Call the experts

These tips should help you to make sure your garden is a safer place this winter. If you’d like further advice on any of these issues, then please give our expert landscape gardeners a call.

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