3 qualities our clients look for when choosing a designer to build their dream garden

Choosing a garden designer

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We recently conducted a survey to discover the three attributes our clients look for when choosing a landscape gardener. With a reputation to uphold, we wanted to ensure we were delivering everything our customers expected from us.

Here’s what we found.

Attention to detail

A design may look great on paper, but it also has to look fantastic in reality. That means overcoming obstacles and making sure every aspect of a plan is finished to perfection.

Our dedicated team of landscape gardeners work tirelessly to ensure that when they construct a garden it fits in with its surroundings. We take the good, the bad and the ugly of any environment and work with each element to create the beautiful.

From the curve of a lawn to the outline of paving, we know it’s the fine details that can transform an average garden design into a remarkable one.

Design concept and practicality

Our design team excels at creating beautiful gardens that not only look attractive they also work with our clients’ lifestyles.

That’s why we talk to our clients to find out exactly what they want from their garden and how they want to use it before we begin. And of course, every person is different.

For some clients, it’s all about entertaining family and friends and having an outdoor space where they can socialise in style and comfort. This means plenty of seating areas, perhaps some original creations like built-in barbeques or water features.

Alternatively, serious gardeners want to be able to grow a range of plants, sometimes in differing soil types. That’s when we create raised beds and handy pathways to navigate multiple growing areas.

We also construct sheds and workshops for a variety of uses; build screens to give privacy or hide certain spots; and lay new driveways and conceive original patios and paths. Our expert garden designers take your views, lifestyle and personal tastes into account and come up with plans that work with your environment and landscape.

Great communication

As mentioned, before we begin any design, we talk to our clients to find out what they want from their garden. But the conversation doesn’t end there.

To deliver exceptional customer care, it’s essential to communicate with our clients throughout every stage of a project. From inception right through to after sales care, we keep our customers informed of our progress.

A garden is never finished, as they say, which is why we’re always happy to answer questions and offer advice to our clients whenever they choose to contact us.

We felt it was important to conduct this survey as a means of confirming what we already suspected. These are qualities we knew played a significant role in the decision-making process for the majority of our clients.

This spurs us on to continue to build on our reputation for delivering the best garden designs alongside first-class customer care.

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