Are You Looking For A Landscaping Company In Leicestershire To Design, Build, And Maintain Your Garden?

Have you ever seen the beautiful gardens on the TV, in the news, or on our website, and wondered… “how did they do that?”.

It’s easier than you think when you know this stuff…

Let me explain…

Every garden goes through 3 key stages. This guarantees it’s well designed. Built to last. And doesn’t take up your weekends maintaining it.

We’re the only company in Leicestershire that covers all 3, meaning every question you have about your garden can be answered by the same person.

Now… you may have had your garden built once before. Or maybe it’s the first time.  That doesn’t matter.

What you’ll read (and learn) here will help you make the correct decision. First time round.

And, you’ll see it’s super easy to get started on your garden transformation. With us.

Here’s how you get your dream garden

First of all, you need to get a garden ‘master plan’ before you move forward. Now that’s pretty obvious, but it’s also always necessary. Because it helps us focus on the two most important factors of your garden design.

A. What you want from your garden (including the plants within it)

B. How you’ll use the garden most when it’s finished

Our rule is simple. Before you dismiss anything let’s look at what you want. If (and it’s a very big if), we don’t think it will work we’ll find a way to get it to you. The only time we’ll suggest alternatives is if we know there’s no benefit to you having it.

You need to understand of how much you want to use the space so, we can work hard on planning. We want to be careful to get this right first time.

We’ll need to consider the structural hard standings;

  • Paving… are the patio spaces smooth and clean, or rustic and riven…
  • Bricks – are there different levels in the garden that need terracing…
  • Pathways – are curves better for the garden shape, or straight lines…

And, then the softer landscaping features;

  • Shrubs and plants – do the colours, variety through the seasons, trees etc work…
  • Trellising and screening – will this space be private and tranquil when I need it to…
  • Water features and lighting – can I attract wildlife into the garden and use the space in the evening…

Start with the end in mind

The three discussions all happen around these three elements;

Hard landscaping

You need to look at practical elements of the design, such as;

  • Where you want to sit when the sun shines
  • How big you want your patio space to be
  • Sweeping curves or geometric lines
  • Whether to take out the slope and make it level
  • What you want that to look like

Plus, the less aesthetic parts like;

Drainage… Sustainability… Spatial development… Safety and security of the property…

…and anything else that fits your garden type.

Soft landscaping

You need to consider more softer features here like;

  • The lawn shapes and sizes
  • Artificial lawn or fresh new turf?
  • How much exposure to sunlight your planting gets, or doesn’t get
  • What shrubs and trees best fit your own ‘mini micro climate’
  • How much maintenance you would like
  • How you’ll water the plants
  • Whether growing vegetables fits within the design…

…and, lots more things unique to your design.

Finishing the garden

Finally, there’s putting your stamp on the garden and finishing the garden off.

We’ve already discussed you can include lighting, but what about;

  • Storage space
  • A utility area
  • A swimming pool
  • A hot tub
  • A sauna
  • A garden office or study

So, lots to work on to get the ‘bespoke finish’ for your garden.

In a nutshell, that’s how you should approach building you ‘dream garden’.

I’m sure you have a few more questions. How long does it take to build? What will I need to invest? How do I get started today?

So, pick up the phone now and give me a call on 0116 210 0760.

Best wishes,


P.S My team are never too busy to answer the phone. In fact, it’s our pleasure to help you achieve a stunning outdoor space. Although there’s limited space, we’re still booking some gardens in for spring time. So, pick up the phone and give us a call today on 0116 210 0760, so you don’t miss out.




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