Classic Garden Designs

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Classic Garden Landscapes with lawn and paving
You don’t need a large garden to achieve a classic look. It’s all about elegance and design. Classic gardens often look ornate, with the addition of fountains or statues. But, in fact, the design and planting scheme of a classic garden is often quite simple.
A stylish, mosaic patio sets the scene for the rest of the garden. Mixing sizes or colours, or both, of sandstone paving creates a timeless look. Iron furniture can be added to give old-school charm. Lovely Garden furniture, Leicestershire landscapes The lawn of a classic garden should always be lush and green and kept short. Ideally, refresh tired grass by laying turf rather than growing from seed. Newly laid turf looks vibrant and healthy, and can be walked over as soon as it’s been laid. Neatly cut hedges formalise the look of the garden. If you’re working on a smaller scale, low cut box hedges can create pretty lines. Box hedging can even be grown in pots and is ideal for topiary. Instead of a hedge border, you can use repeated pots of precisely cut box or lavender to form a boundary. A classic garden should fulfil all the senses. Repeat planting of a fragrant flower such as lavender is pleasing to the eye and adds fragrance to the garden. Whilst a small pond or water feature can be used to provide the gentle sound of running water.

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Contemporary Garden Designs in Leicester

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Contemporary Garden Designs Leicestershire
A ‘contemporary’ garden can mean a variety of things to different people. To us, it means an innovative and fresh outlook. Whether it’s formal lines or gentle curves, the contemporary garden design should be unique to your garden. Materials such as beautiful sandstone paving, pristine wooden fencing and freshly painted decking can transform the most dated garden into something special for your Leicester home.

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We design with your environment and lifestyle in mind. We can use a mixture of paving to create square or circular designs, and smaller edging stones to give a defined finish. If you want to lose the lawn and concentrate on a minimalistic look, we can build a stylish patio. This can then be complimented by raised beds for those who still want to retain a growing area, or coordinated containers for a low maintenance approach to a contemporary garden design. Raised beds can be built to fit any area, and still be a low maintenance option, depending on the planting Contemporary Garden Design with White wallsscheme you choose. Shapely, architectural plants can form part of a highly visual eye-catching pattern. Or low, slow-growing shrubs or herbs can add colour and scent but require little care. Any outdoor space, from suburban and village gardens to city roof terraces and courtyards throughout Loughborough, can be transformed by clever landscape design.

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Cottage Garden Designs

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Cottage Style Garden Built in Leicester
The traditional English cottage garden conjures up images of roses around the door and tall hollyhocks swaying in the breeze. A cottage garden should be all about fragrance and colour. Gaps in the paving can be filled with low, creeping herbs like thyme or camomile that release a scent when crushed underfoot. Bees should hover over fragrant lavender and butterflies feed from scented buddleia.
Trellising is a good option for a cottage garden as it gives you a framework upon which to build. Climbers such as ivy will provide an evergreen backdrop while honeysuckle and rambling rose will creep up trelliswork and offer perfume as well as a profusion of flowers. An archway with a trailing rose or clematis is a charming, romantic feature that’s perfect for the cottage garden, especially when surrounded with traditional cottage garden plants such as delphiniums and Sweet William. Paved and patio areas should be in soft neutral shades. It’s essential for the flowers to do all the work in a cottage garden. Sandstone paving can be used to give subtle golden tones and enhance the warm quality of the plants.Cottage Style Garden with Paving Gravel pathways create a rustic feel and should be in a shade that complements the colour of the paving. Edging stones can be used to neaten any harsh edges. Your cottage garden should be soothing and easy on the eye. A winding gravel pathway leading to a love seat, or an old style timber or ornate metal bench is a wonderful finishing touch.

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Driveway Designs

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Driveway designs leicester
Immediately improve the exterior of your property by laying a new driveway. It will give your house an instant facelift and ensure your home makes a great first impression. There are a variety of materials and designs to choose from, so you can easily find one that will compliment the style and period of your property. Natural stone paving is the first choice for many homeowners as it looks good in any surroundings; however, there are a number of block paving options available.
When you’ve decided on your materials, it’s time to think about design. Do you favour a traditional straight lay driveway, or something a little more contemporary? A circular design creates a wonderful pond-like ripple effect and can be constructed using identical or contrasting coloured stones. Block paving comes in a variety of shapes and styles.Vann Drive block stone paving A random pattern can be fashioned from stones of different sizes. A combination of smaller and larger square and rectangular paving stones gives an understated, yet up to date look to any driveway. A quality driveway should not only look fantastic; it should perform well without the need for time-consuming maintenance. Choose first class materials that will ensure your drive stays in perfect condition for years to come.

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Family Garden Designs

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Child friendly gardens with play areas and open spaces
When creating a family garden, there are two main points to take into consideration. Firstly, it needs to be a safe environment where children can play without any undue hazards. Secondly, it should be fun! If you have young children, it’s important to create a secure environment, where they can run around without fear they’ll make a bolt for the nearest road. This can be achieved by artificial means such as closeboard fencing and gates. Alternatively, dense hedging can be used to give security and privacy.
Innovative play areas can be created to house climbing frames and facilitate other children’s activities. A cushioned surface can be made using play bark or other soft materials. And let’s not forget the grown-ups. A patio where parents can relax and socialise is just as important. Textured sandstone paving can be used to give a stylish, clean look to any patio. If you haven’t the room to create two separate areas, decking could be the solution. A decked area provides a practical surface on which children can play. It’s also looks great adorned with table, chairs, parasol, and perhaps a bottle of wine and two glasses? A family garden is about versatility and fun. An outdoor space everyone in the home can enjoy.

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Front Garden Designs

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Beautiful Front Gardens Leicester

A front garden is usually on view to any passerby and, therefore, makes a statement about your style.

You can choose to make a grand entrance or opt for something a little more subtle. With innovative landscape design, the choices are endless. Small walls, tall walls, steps, slopes or paths can be constructed to suit your space.

Boundary walls or fences can be replaced, extended or demolished altogether if you’d prefer an open plan front garden. Front garden landscape design is all about your personal preferences when it comes to accessibility, security and privacy.

Your front garden shouldn’t be viewed as just your property’s public face. It can also be a highly functional area.Front Garden Design with Grass and winding paths in Leicescter If gardening is not your thing, perhaps you’d prefer extra space to park cars or bikes? An attractive block paving design can be eye-catching as well as practical. If you feel it looks a little bare, you can always liven it up with colourful containers.

Alternatively, you may need more space for cars, but still want to have a garden. We can always create a combination of the two. Existing driveways can be extended to give you more room to park, whilst raised beds or borders can be added to give you the space to grow your favourite plants.

A front garden is not just about personal style; it’s also about lifestyle.

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Long Thin Garden Designs

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Long Thin Garden Designs Leicester

There’s plenty you can do to make a long, thin garden both interesting and functional.

Dividing the garden with trellising is a good way to detract from its narrowness. Colourful climbers can be used to screen each section from view. Clematis or wisteria will weave their way up trelliswork and provide plenty of flowers, while good old-fashioned ivy will quickly grow to obscure your line of vision.

Once split into sections, you’re no longer able to see where the garden ends. This approach makes a narrow garden much more enticing. By splitting the garden up, you need to walk passed each partition in order to discover what’s ahead.

When you haven’t got the room to go outwards, it’s a good idea to go upwards. As well as trellising; pergolas and archways give extra height and have a charming, classic appeal. Raised beds also provide extra dimensions. A varied planting scheme, with low plants in some beds and strikingly tall ones in others, gives plenty of visual interest.

If you introduce a pathway, avoid straight lines. Instead opt for a curved path that leads from side to side. This way you will enjoy all the features each area has to offer.

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Patio & Courtyard Designs

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Patio and Courtyard garden designs

The trick to transforming patios and courtyards is to make efficient use of both horizontal and vertical space.

Start at the bottom and work your way up. Take a look at the ground. Is the paving broken and discoloured? New paving stones will make an instant difference. The material and design of your paving can set the tone for the rest of your plan.

Natural riven stone in soft shades gives you a backdrop that will work with many different themes. Iron tables and chairs can be added to create an Italian bistro-style seating area or colourful flowers and herbs in terracotta pots will give a Mediterranean feel.

Pretty Paving Stone Patio

If you want to use your garden to entertain, brick built benches or barbeques can be inset into the scheme of your patio or courtyard. Or a water feature or mosaic design incorporated into your surrounding walls.

For those who want to utilise their outdoor area for growing plants, raised beds can be built to fit any shape, using timber or stone. If you prefer to stick to container planting, a feature wall can be constructed, which will house rows of various sized pots. Make the most of vertical space by training plants in containers or raised beds up trellis work.

Whether you’re into relaxing, socialising, gardening, or all three, you’ll be amazed at how much you can pack into a courtyard or patio area.

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Small Garden Designs

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Utilise small garden spaces, small garden designs

You’ll be surprised how much you can do with a small garden.

Decking and raised beds can be built to suit any shape – from awkward angles to tight corners. Fencing and trellising can be cut and fitted to size, while walls can be built (or knocked down) to suit your space.

It’s all about intelligent landscape design. Any garden can be transformed with a plan that makes the most of all it has to offer. In a small garden, innovative block paving can be used to create the illusion of extra space.Sandstone paving small garden patio Or decking can be shaped to make the most of every available surface, however uneven.

Raised beds are ideal for smaller spaces. They can be made to suit any height, depth or width, and they provide a controlled growing environment. Enhance a patio or seating area by the inclusion of one or two raised beds.

The planting scheme you choose for your beds will give your outdoor space an individual style. Repeating patterns of subtle shades of lilac, pink and blue provide a soothing atmosphere. By contrast, hot reds, pinks and purples offer a vibrant and lively backdrop in which to entertain.

The smallest urban garden or city terrace can be transformed by thoughtful garden design. From low maintenance to grow your own, we can turn your little space into your dream garden.

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Sustainable Garden Designs

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Many gardeners concerned at the ecological damage we’re doing to our natural landscape have started to use only natural resources to maintain their gardens.

It’s all about using renewable energy. Gardeners are now avoiding using peat, which is made up of decomposed plant remains. Its qualities make it an ideal substance for plant growing. However, it takes a long time to form, and we’re using it faster than it can be replenished. Peatlands play an important part in the biodiversity of our environment.

That’s why gardeners are looking for alternatives. They’re not just changing the products they use to help plants grow; they’re also looking at the materials they use in the design and build of their gardens. Sustainable garden design materials such as biodegradable products, recycled plastics, ethically sourced paving and woods all help to preserve our planet.

Gardeners are also avoiding chemicals and pesticides, which can have a detrimental impact on wildlife. Instead, eco-friendly gardeners are making their outdoor space a haven for birds, bees and butterflies.

Ponds and bogs make an appealing feature in any garden, and they’re also great for attracting a variety of wildlife. A beautifully designed pond can become the centrepiece of an environmentally-friendly garden. And the careful use of water butts can be used to harness rain and manage watering efficiently and without waste.

The purpose of a sustainable garden is to give more than it takes.

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Terraced Garden Designs

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If your garden is an unmanageable slope that offers little opportunity for growing the plants you love, or even sitting out in a deckchair – have you thought about turning it into a terraced garden?

Instead of one long sloping area, why not divide the garden into multiple levels. Terraced gardens have a style all of their own. Each flat level can be used for something different or you can make them all the same. Either way, you create a garden that’s unique to you.

A terrace becomes an outdoor space that’s now completely functional as you have a flat surface on which to work. It can be transformed into anything from a Mediterranean-style seating area to a fruit and vegetable plot.

The terrain and soil of your garden will, of course, dictate the species of plants likely to flourish in your environment. This can be overcome by the addition of specially built raised beds that can be constructed to the shape and size of your terrace.

Different types of grasses look great on multi-level terraces as they provide a contrast between each step. They’re also tolerant of poor ground and will grow in a variety of soils, from chalk to clay. Containers are also a good option for terraces as they’re mobile and can be used to great effect to create contrasting styles on multi-levels.

Terraces are an ideal solution to the problem of impractical sloped gardens. They can turn an underused outdoor space into a uniquely stylish and highly functional, enjoyable garden.

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Water Feature Designs

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Water feature designs leicescter with fountains and brickwork

Water features can range from majestic waterfalls to simple pumps. They can be stand alone ornaments or part of a larger aquatic environment such as a pond.

Nowadays, the choice of water feature is endless, from stainless steel sheets through to glass orbs. The ornamentation you choose very much depends on the location of your water feature, which can also be enhanced by lights and sound effects.

Stone build water feature with rockery

Simple granite or sandstone water features are a popular choice for patios and other seating areas. A water feature can be constructed from the same style of stone used for your paving and becomes a built-in part of the décor.

Water features are also an excellent way of adding oxygen to ponds. The movement of a constant stream aerates standing water. If you keep fish, it’s essential to oxygenate water in order to keep them healthy. Oxygen also keeps algae growth at bay.

A three-tier fountain works well in an ornamental pond. Alternatively, something more natural and rustic such as a gentle stone waterfall is ideal for wildlife ponds. The flow of water will attract birds and other wildlife.

Even the smallest of gardens can house a water feature as it’s not necessary to find room for standing water. A single pump that constantly recycles the same water means you can still have a fountain, aquatic ornament or pebble pool of your choice.

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