Water Feature Designs

Water feature designs leicescter with fountains and brickwork

Water features can range from majestic waterfalls to simple pumps. They can be stand alone ornaments or part of a larger aquatic environment such as a pond.

Nowadays, the choice of water feature is endless, from stainless steel sheets through to glass orbs. The ornamentation you choose very much depends on the location of your water feature, which can also be enhanced by lights and sound effects.

Stone build water feature with rockery

Simple granite or sandstone water features are a popular choice for patios and other seating areas. A water feature can be constructed from the same style of stone used for your paving and becomes a built-in part of the décor.

Water features are also an excellent way of adding oxygen to ponds. The movement of a constant stream aerates standing water. If you keep fish, it’s essential to oxygenate water in order to keep them healthy. Oxygen also keeps algae growth at bay.

A three-tier fountain works well in an ornamental pond. Alternatively, something more natural and rustic such as a gentle stone waterfall is ideal for wildlife ponds. The flow of water will attract birds and other wildlife.

Even the smallest of gardens can house a water feature as it’s not necessary to find room for standing water. A single pump that constantly recycles the same water means you can still have a fountain, aquatic ornament or pebble pool of your choice.