Terraced Garden Designs

If your garden is an unmanageable slope that offers little opportunity for growing the plants you love, or even sitting out in a deckchair – have you thought about turning it into a terraced garden?

Instead of one long sloping area, why not divide the garden into multiple levels. Terraced gardens have a style all of their own. Each flat level can be used for something different or you can make them all the same. Either way, you create a garden that’s unique to you.

A terrace becomes an outdoor space that’s now completely functional as you have a flat surface on which to work. It can be transformed into anything from a Mediterranean-style seating area to a fruit and vegetable plot.

The terrain and soil of your garden will, of course, dictate the species of plants likely to flourish in your environment. This can be overcome by the addition of specially built raised beds that can be constructed to the shape and size of your terrace.

Different types of grasses look great on multi-level terraces as they provide a contrast between each step. They’re also tolerant of poor ground and will grow in a variety of soils, from chalk to clay. Containers are also a good option for terraces as they’re mobile and can be used to great effect to create contrasting styles on multi-levels.

Terraces are an ideal solution to the problem of impractical sloped gardens. They can turn an underused outdoor space into a uniquely stylish and highly functional, enjoyable garden.