Small Garden Designs

Utilise small garden spaces, small garden designs

You’ll be surprised how much you can do with a small garden.

Decking and raised beds can be built to suit any shape – from awkward angles to tight corners. Fencing and trellising can be cut and fitted to size, while walls can be built (or knocked down) to suit your space.

It’s all about intelligent landscape design. Any garden can be transformed with a plan that makes the most of all it has to offer. In a small garden, innovative block paving can be used to create the illusion of extra space.Sandstone paving small garden patio Or decking can be shaped to make the most of every available surface, however uneven.

Raised beds are ideal for smaller spaces. They can be made to suit any height, depth or width, and they provide a controlled growing environment. Enhance a patio or seating area by the inclusion of one or two raised beds.

The planting scheme you choose for your beds will give your outdoor space an individual style. Repeating patterns of subtle shades of lilac, pink and blue provide a soothing atmosphere. By contrast, hot reds, pinks and purples offer a vibrant and lively backdrop in which to entertain.

The smallest urban garden or city terrace can be transformed by thoughtful garden design. From low maintenance to grow your own, we can turn your little space into your dream garden.