Patio & Courtyard Designs

Patio and Courtyard garden designs

The trick to transforming patios and courtyards is to make efficient use of both horizontal and vertical space.

Start at the bottom and work your way up. Take a look at the ground. Is the paving broken and discoloured? New paving stones will make an instant difference. The material and design of your paving can set the tone for the rest of your plan.

Natural riven stone in soft shades gives you a backdrop that will work with many different themes. Iron tables and chairs can be added to create an Italian bistro-style seating area or colourful flowers and herbs in terracotta pots will give a Mediterranean feel.

Pretty Paving Stone Patio

If you want to use your garden to entertain, brick built benches or barbeques can be inset into the scheme of your patio or courtyard. Or a water feature or mosaic design incorporated into your surrounding walls.

For those who want to utilise their outdoor area for growing plants, raised beds can be built to fit any shape, using timber or stone. If you prefer to stick to container planting, a feature wall can be constructed, which will house rows of various sized pots. Make the most of vertical space by training plants in containers or raised beds up trellis work.

Whether you’re into relaxing, socialising, gardening, or all three, you’ll be amazed at how much you can pack into a courtyard or patio area.