Long Thin Garden Designs

Long Thin Garden Designs Leicester

There’s plenty you can do to make a long, thin garden both interesting and functional.

Dividing the garden with trellising is a good way to detract from its narrowness. Colourful climbers can be used to screen each section from view. Clematis or wisteria will weave their way up trelliswork and provide plenty of flowers, while good old-fashioned ivy will quickly grow to obscure your line of vision.

Once split into sections, you’re no longer able to see where the garden ends. This approach makes a narrow garden much more enticing. By splitting the garden up, you need to walk passed each partition in order to discover what’s ahead.

When you haven’t got the room to go outwards, it’s a good idea to go upwards. As well as trellising; pergolas and archways give extra height and have a charming, classic appeal. Raised beds also provide extra dimensions. A varied planting scheme, with low plants in some beds and strikingly tall ones in others, gives plenty of visual interest.

If you introduce a pathway, avoid straight lines. Instead opt for a curved path that leads from side to side. This way you will enjoy all the features each area has to offer.