Front Garden Designs

Beautiful Front Gardens Leicester

A front garden is usually on view to any passerby and, therefore, makes a statement about your style.

You can choose to make a grand entrance or opt for something a little more subtle. With innovative landscape design, the choices are endless. Small walls, tall walls, steps, slopes or paths can be constructed to suit your space.

Boundary walls or fences can be replaced, extended or demolished altogether if you’d prefer an open plan front garden. Front garden landscape design is all about your personal preferences when it comes to accessibility, security and privacy.

Your front garden shouldn’t be viewed as just your property’s public face. It can also be a highly functional area.Front Garden Design with Grass and winding paths in Leicescter If gardening is not your thing, perhaps you’d prefer extra space to park cars or bikes? An attractive block paving design can be eye-catching as well as practical. If you feel it looks a little bare, you can always liven it up with colourful containers.

Alternatively, you may need more space for cars, but still want to have a garden. We can always create a combination of the two. Existing driveways can be extended to give you more room to park, whilst raised beds or borders can be added to give you the space to grow your favourite plants.

A front garden is not just about personal style; it’s also about lifestyle.