Driveway Designs

Driveway designs leicester

Immediately improve the exterior of your property by laying a new driveway. It will give your house an instant facelift and ensure your home makes a great first impression.

There are a variety of materials and designs to choose from, so you can easily find one that will compliment the style and period of your property. Natural stone paving is the first choice for many homeowners as it looks good in any surroundings; however, there are a number of block paving options available.

When you’ve decided on your materials, it’s time to think about design. Do you favour a traditional straight lay driveway, or something a little more contemporary? A circular design creates a wonderful pond-like ripple effect and can be constructed using identical or contrasting coloured stones.

Block paving comes in a variety of shapes and styles.Vann Drive block stone paving A random pattern can be fashioned from stones of different sizes. A combination of smaller and larger square and rectangular paving stones gives an understated, yet up to date look to any driveway.

A quality driveway should not only look fantastic; it should perform well without the need for time-consuming maintenance. Choose first class materials that will ensure your drive stays in perfect condition for years to come.