Cottage Garden Designs

Cottage Style Garden Built in Leicester

The traditional English cottage garden conjures up images of roses around the door and tall hollyhocks swaying in the breeze.

A cottage garden should be all about fragrance and colour. Gaps in the paving can be filled with low, creeping herbs like thyme or camomile that release a scent when crushed underfoot. Bees should hover over fragrant lavender and butterflies feed from scented buddleia.

Trellising is a good option for a cottage garden as it gives you a framework upon which to build. Climbers such as ivy will provide an evergreen backdrop while honeysuckle and rambling rose will creep up trelliswork and offer perfume as well as a profusion of flowers.

An archway with a trailing rose or clematis is a charming, romantic feature that’s perfect for the cottage garden, especially when surrounded with traditional cottage garden plants such as delphiniums and Sweet William.

Paved and patio areas should be in soft neutral shades. It’s essential for the flowers to do all the work in a cottage garden. Sandstone paving can be used to give subtle golden tones and enhance the warm quality of the plants.Cottage Style Garden with Paving

Gravel pathways create a rustic feel and should be in a shade that complements the colour of the paving. Edging stones can be used to neaten any harsh edges. Your cottage garden should be soothing and easy on the eye.

A winding gravel pathway leading to a love seat, or an old style timber or ornate metal bench is a wonderful finishing touch.