Contemporary Garden Designs in Leicester

Contemporary Garden Designs Leicestershire

A ‘contemporary’ garden can mean a variety of things to different people. To us, it means an innovative and fresh outlook.

Whether it’s formal lines or gentle curves, the contemporary garden design should be unique to your garden. Materials such as beautiful sandstone paving, pristine wooden fencing and freshly painted decking can transform the most dated garden into something special for your Leicester home.

Also catering for clients throughout Loughborough

We design with your environment and lifestyle in mind. We can use a mixture of paving to create square or circular designs, and smaller edging stones to give a defined finish.

If you want to lose the lawn and concentrate on a minimalistic look, we can build a stylish patio. This can then be complimented by raised beds for those who still want to retain a growing area, or coordinated containers for a low maintenance approach to a contemporary garden design.

Raised beds can be built to fit any area, and still be a low maintenance option, depending on the planting Contemporary Garden Design with White wallsscheme you choose. Shapely, architectural plants can form part of a highly visual eye-catching pattern. Or low, slow-growing shrubs or herbs can add colour and scent but require little care.

Any outdoor space, from suburban and village gardens to city roof terraces and courtyards throughout Loughborough, can be transformed by clever landscape design.