Classic Garden Designs

Classic Garden Landscapes with lawn and paving

You don’t need a large garden to achieve a classic look. It’s all about elegance and design.

Classic gardens often look ornate, with the addition of fountains or statues. But, in fact, the design and planting scheme of a classic garden is often quite simple.

A stylish, mosaic patio sets the scene for the rest of the garden. Mixing sizes or colours, or both, of sandstone paving creates a timeless look. Iron furniture can be added to give old-school charm. Lovely Garden furniture, Leicestershire landscapes

The lawn of a classic garden should always be lush and green and kept short. Ideally, refresh tired grass by laying turf rather than growing from seed. Newly laid turf looks vibrant and healthy, and can be walked over as soon as it’s been laid.

Neatly cut hedges formalise the look of the garden. If you’re working on a smaller scale, low cut box hedges can create pretty lines. Box hedging can even be grown in pots and is ideal for topiary. Instead of a hedge border, you can use repeated pots of precisely cut box or lavender to form a boundary.

A classic garden should fulfil all the senses. Repeat planting of a fragrant flower such as lavender is pleasing to the eye and adds fragrance to the garden. Whilst a small pond or water feature can be used to provide the gentle sound of running water.